Maintaining the Perimeter


In order to keep out annoying huff-and-puff visitors like raccoons and rabbits and deer we need to keep our electric fence in good working condition. A large part of that maintenance is keeping the lines free of tall grass, which can ground out the electricity and make the fence as impermeable as the first pig’s house. When it comes to our garden, we’re definitely third-pig kind of people.


String ‘Em Up!


Zoe shows her newest pole bean succession what will happen if they don’t straighten up.



Tessa and some Kale Transplant friends wait out a recent passing thunderstorm.

Frim Fram Farm in the news!

We had a nice, long profile on the front page of the Region section in yesterday’s The Day (SE Connecticut). Here’s the link!

Braising greens

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Portuguese Kale Soup

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Garlic Scape Pesto

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